From-ing to becoming

March 13, 2018



We can’t compare where we came from to where the Lord wants to take us. You would never expect to be served baby food as an adult when you’re out to a meal. You don’t need that simple food anymore. You’re body can handle a more complex diet. Even though that banana stuff is delicious. Lol

I know for a fact that my past cannot determine my future outcome. It has no power, it’s not an entity of any kind. It’s simply a time period that has gone by. Where I originated cannot hold bearing on my future. I refuse to let it. 


 I don’t stop going to all restaurants because I have had a bad experience at one. It would be silly for me to let my poor experiences rob me of future exploration. I like to taste things I’ve never had before. It’s in our dna to explore and experience life. To create and cultivate. 


Unfortunately so many people give up on amazing possibilities because of a poor experience. They let it trap them into fear or apprehension. They build walls around their hearts and minds as to keep out any possibility of hurt, disappointment or discomfort. It’s a cop out. It’s a quitters attitude. You gain nothing and go nowhere. 


It’s time to stop that ridiculous cycle. It’s time to stand up and dust yourself off and decide that wisdom and knowledge are the only items you’re keeping from your past. Bitterness, anger and resentment are baggage that needs to be lost at the airport never to be found again and claimed by no one. 


Stand up. Look ahead. The future is only waiting to be created and harvested. It’s up to you. God can’t use anyone who isn’t willing to move. To march forward. To enact the spiritual benefits of effort. 


God gave you a brain. Fire that baby up and let’s see something new. We all are waiting to behold the beauty of something created through your life. 


Get to it. 




“head up and eyes open...

Impossible is not an option”

-Shane Holcomb 

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